Biden Is DOOMED! This Is The END Of His Presidency!!!



I’d love to see him leave the White House in disgrace for all the harm he’s done to this
country and it’s citizens.

Resignation or removal is not enough. This MUST be investigated and, if criminal charges are warranted, prosecute this traitor and all of his co-conspirators.


  1. Agree ,,,, this relic needs to be committed to some facility for the senile/ mentally ill.. He is so far off the tracks he is clueless and Jill drags him around by the hand like a disabled kid. He is ruining this country… between him and Kamala the clown we are in the midst of a circus… and a circle j===k… TWO MORE years??? Seriously… ? Can America withstand this fiasco? Will we be able survive long enough, before he totally decimates what has taken us hundreds of years to build? He needs to go, sooner than later, any way possible.

    • Why waste tax payer money sending old poopypants to a mental ward for the criminally insane. Traitors used to face the firing squad and that’s what should happen to senile stupid Joe. But arm the firing squad with flamethrowers.

  2. Really , the Dems blaming someone for their downfall? OMG… how unusual… Come on, People, the name of the Left Wing Game is vicitmhood and blamism.. It is their only defense for failure and the Progressives and the WOKE thrive on both… . Anybody but their own responsibility, accountability and they will look ANYWHERE to place blame..even their own jockeys/ panties… oopps wrong junk,,, whaaa, whaaaa, whaaa, pity me…. the victim . I expected to find something else…….. YOU OWE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m 77 and have to say, JB is the most inept, uncapable president of my lifetime. I truly hope that he does not get reelected in 2024. I don’t know if I can take 4 more years.

  4. We have never had such an total, incompetent,failure,and embarrassment of a leader in history.This mentally unfit,nincompoop,belongs in a nursing home,behind bars, with the rest of the cartel family, that has sold our country out to the enemy.Nothing but greedy traitors,their pure evil, and we need to hold them accountable.Hidenbiden and his minions have broken every law in the book,with their two tier justice system. If things don’t change all hell,is going to break lose.Believe it.

  5. Have you ever watched any fright flic? (Hell-raiser, Halloween, Friday 13th, Zombie movies, Scream, Living Dead +++)The most common theme is that the bad-guy always survives for another episode.
    Non-prosecution is common in regard to crimes committed by empowered people. Who thinks that anything other than bad information seen by whoever pays attention, will happen. DJT would say ask Crooked.

  6. It’s not over and it won’t be till this corrupt politician named Biden is in prison. Don’t Impeach him, IN PRISON him. CAN’T fathom the deep corruption in Congress, and the WH, on both parties. Satan is in charge in the WH.

  7. If you believe this I really feel sorry for you.
    If Biden really had classified documents in his possession, you would never have heard about it in the news. It is a total setup to make people believe that he made a mistake and has to be taken out of being the president. How convenient that his lawyers happened to find him in his garage. And then in two other places. Before the FBI even thought about searching anywhere. And remember, this started in early November 2022. come on, people. This is a setup. Total b s.
    Do they really believe people are that gullible?


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