Biden Divides the Country in a Moment of Deep Pain… Watch!


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Fox News
– Tucker Carlson and Will Cain react to President Biden’s response to the Texas elementary school shooting on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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My deepest condolences for the tragic loss of the young people and teacher who lost their lives and for the families.

The worst thing a parent can experience is losing a child. I can’t even imagine if it was my little brothers and sisters. Truly a sad day.

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  1. While they could have if they wanted to (the true meaning of freedom of choice) any teacher could have been legally able to carry a weapon which might have stopped this killer before he could do as much harm as he did. Teachers being law abiding citizens did not see any reason to be armed but look at the harm it bought to them and the children. Why – cause of all this cry by those that want to tie our hands and prevent us from being able to defend ourselves against killer, Thank you brandon.

  2. Unfortunately all the Dems have brought this around to their own agenda’s.. Obama just HAD to mention George Floyd second year “anniversary which has not a thing to do with this. The last issue here is RACE .. Apples and Oranges… Pete Buttigieg had to show up and make a spectacle of himself in the name of getting elected. Neither of these Lefties give a good … damn about the kids killed or the teachers or the families.. They see a crack in the door that they can ooze through and score points with the woke, and the unaffiliated. Catch a clue guys… Your selfish, self aggrandizing behavior just lost a bunch of people. You lost me a long time ago, but this? It reinforces why. You play to special interest groups. Will you NEVER , ever learn that? The greater good for the ??? how does that go now? OH yeah, the greater number.

  3. Why blame the weapon manufacturers?? The weapon is just a tool. The real blame belongs to the parents of today raising woke kids that are just too soft. Blame the video manufacturers that have games like “Call of Duty” that brainwashed kids into thinking that is just the real thing. Joke Biden and the left will milk any crises to help their corrupted agenda . Just watch, they will orchestra another shoot out in Flordia. Because it is a strong red state as well


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