Apparently, Biden Has Thrown in the Towel on Gas Prices…


Image from video below…

GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen conceded that President Joe Biden has already done “everything” he can on gas prices, during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on the budget on 6/7/2022.

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shut down pipelines, canceled leases, shut down drilling… good job Democrats.

The comic failure of this administration is very historical…

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  1. This crazy woman is a pathetic joke. She is about out touch as dementia, joe. None of these nincompoops belong in the job, there all living on a different planet, and totally looney. We need to save this country, by voting all these nut=cases out of office.

  2. Biden and the democrats have done everything they could do to increase fuel prices….They wanted fossil fuel prices to go up significantly to (a) make electric vehicles more cost effective and (b) to reduce the use of natural gas. They do not care about the cost impacts to everyone….


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