Another Kamala Harris Word Salad Moment…


Image from video below…

GOP War Room
– Kamala Harris Dishes Out Yet Another Word Salad, This Time Over Yellow School Buses

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Thank God she cleared up the mystery of what the big rolling objects loaded with children outside of schools are……as well as educating us on the color of these objects! and what purpose they serve…. NOW we are really getting somewhere in this country!

She’s like the Aunt that’s always drunk and never invited to formal gatherings because of it.

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  1. How pathetic, to listen to this totally out of touch woman, to figure out what she is mumbling about. I bet her trip to the middle east, really fixed nothing, their probably trying to understand her word salad yey.

  2. Heels up ho harris owes her family fortune to her grand father being the largest slave owner in Jamaican history.

    She is the perfect representation of the democrat party: stupid, arrogant, and profiting from human suffering.


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