Trump ATTACKS Candace Owens, HUGE MISTAKE!



I hope so much our side doesn’t start eating itself like the Left does. Please God don’t let that happen.

Trump has had so many people he trusted backstabbing him, he doesn’t even question it anymore. ☹️
Love you Candace


  1. Trump is going to lose supporters if he doesn’t stop this nonsense. Ronald Reagan made it a point to not bad mouth fellow republicans whether he liked them or not. Trump should learn from this. Now is the time to start building a unified party, not a divided one.

  2. He is constantly in his own way. The perennial child. He has to grow a thicker skin. He could do a lot of good , but his narcissism has him by the throat. He is like Putin who is willing to destroy an entire nation of innocents in order to feed his own ego. Trump never had the advantage of life in the real world, as the silver spoon in his mouth got in the way. He is his own worst enemy and yet is blind to that fact and blames everyone else. Has he learned absolutely NOTHING?? RESPECT… stop with the grabbing pssy, stop with the made-up garbage about people. He is the originator of the world of “FAKE” . Back off, become less self-involved, insulting to those who are NOT against you, GROW the hell up Donnie. The sun does not rise and set on your ass

  3. Biden IS definitely senile, and it shows. WE all know this…Is this an exhibition of a problem in Donnie’s progression into old age? Is he showing signs of devolving into dementia as well? Not saying he is, but it gives one pause to consider that it is possible. There is a thin line between dementia, and excess of self-involvement, as they go hand in hand. He needs to be very careful, VERY. People are questioning his ability to lead and get out of his own head. Over the last two years he has gone backwards, not forward and where will he be in 2 more years? He is not the epicenter of America… WE the people ARE. Does he even know this?

  4. Candace is an honest, more than decent human being! We love you Candace and we love your values. Keep doing what you’re doing! There is no argument when it comes to the truth!

  5. I love Candace Owens, FINALLY there is someone in the Black community that isn’t afraid to speak out about what should have been said for so long. She speaks for me and many others fed up with the WOKE establishment which holds Blacks back from moving forward as a group. Candace is the voice of reason and independent thinking as a conservative role model. Please Candace don’t become so angry and bitter with detractors, continue to use a calm and steady voice when getting your point across. I dislike seeing frown lines of anger come across your lovely brow.

  6. I am happy to see Candace get recognition and respect. I have held her in high regards for years, but had no means to show it. I also held Condoleezza Rice in high regards, though have no idea of her current activities.


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