The Left Has Reached Its BREAKING POINT


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Ben Shapiro
– Bill Maher had an amazing monologue discussing the dramatic increase of kids and teens who identify as transgender.

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Getting gender identity validation from children is disgusting. Bill is 100% right. I believe in showing love and understanding to ALL. You don’t have to bend or lay down your convictions to do that…This is SO bad..

I can’t believe it has gotten this crazy. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a boy. I liked all boy things and hated girly things. I grew up understanding that you can be a woman and not enjoy “girly” things. My parents understood this. I’m so grateful I didn’t grow up in this “gender confused” era.

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  1. People who push transgender “education” to small children are going too far! Each child will know in their own time who and what they are. They do not need anyone bending their brains toward changing genders. An adult who will do this is damaging a child’s mind and God only knows how many psychiatrists will
    be treating these children years from now. Total insanity and irresponsibility on the part of any adult who tries to direct another into transgenderhood. Leave these children alone! If they don’t come to you, don’t you go to them!!! The bottom line in all this is quite simple to me…God made us what he wanted us to be! He know what is best for each being, each home, the future. This brainwashing and mind bending is Satan himself. He is wrecking families, children, and turning them away from God’s plans in their lives. Just another way to divide and cause upheaval in our world. It must stop!!


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