She’s Actually Embarrassing Herself



She’s actually embarrassing herself. I have respect for those who argue their points with logic and facts rather than behave in vile manners.

I still fail to understand why they haven’t been arrested for protesting outside the judges’ homes


  1. You can feel the way you want about abortion, but most women who get abortions are married. In some cases, their contraception didn’t work. There are some whose husband/partner will kill them if they have the child. In some cases the pregnancy puts their life in danger. Some have been raped, or their father or brother has been sexually abusing them and gotten them pregnant. In some cases, a pregnancy will put an end to their hopes for a better life, to get educated, or to keep job that will take them out of poverty. It is not simple, and there is a reality out there: women often get pregnant against their will, and do not want to go through 9 months of misery to give birth—even if they have been convinced to give up the child to adoption. And most pro-choice women are not like the disgusting slut in the video; they are ordinary women who have had their choices taken away from them. They should not be denigrated—especially not by someone who has no concept of what it is like to be a woman (in this country or elsewhere) and the extra work and special hurdles it takes her to succeed in life. BTW, I am a Republican.

    • I don’t know if you know this but someone who has been raped can take the morning after pill which prevents pregnancy. This guy is totally right about these protesters most of them are out of their minds and act like sluts as seen in the video

    • I am a married woman and when we didn’t think we wanted more children I took birth control until we were certain, then my husband got a vasectomy! And…no more children without murdering one!
      If a person is afraid their husband will KILL them… I would be getting out of that relationship. Using a child as an excuse that you can’t have the career you desire is one of the most preposterous excuses to murder a baby that I have ever heard.
      Incest is another story… if you are a child yourself, of course you can’t carry a child…. Or if complications arise that are life threatening, then yes, the mothers life comes first. If you are raped.. there is a morning after pill that will prevent a baby being formed. I have never seen so many people grasping a so many straws and excuses to screw around and have unprotected sex and want to kill a child rather than do things correct in the first place!

    • I might agree with you in the case of rape or incest, but with all the contraception methods available today, there is no excuse for having an unwanted pregnancy (except in case of rape or incest). It comes down to just being too cheap or lazy to take any of the contraceptions. And as for married women who don’t want anymore children, why didn’t they have their tubes tied? My wife did after her second one. Then there’s the method that will always work. Hysterectomy for women and castration for men. And abortion has NOT been made illegal! It has become a STATE’S RIGHT ISSUE! The federal government never had any business telling the states what to do. Roe v Wade trampled all over the 10th amendment. If anyone really wants to kill their child, they can still go to California, New York, Illinois, plus a few other worthless dummycrat run states. And think about this, most abortion clinics are located in minority districts and one of the founding bitches of Planned Parenthood was a member of the KKK. And the same POS people who thought up this abortion crap in the 1970s were the same ones who called returning Viet Nam Vets “baby killers.” HYPOCRITES!!!

    • You have serious problems plus you do not understand what the SCOTUS did about abortions. How stupid do you think a married woman is that her husband wants no more children would be not to protect herself?

  2. perhaps the above writer would have been happier if his/her mother
    pregnant with him/her would have aborted.
    I am a pro lifer , OLD DEMOCRAT

  3. Wow! This girl’s parents have failed her big time! No class and just pure trash!!! If people are for abortion how would they feel if their parents aborted them?

  4. Their democrats and they don’t have any laws. Must be nice to be above the law and corrupt like this. Wait till it’s the democrat scj’s turn, see how they cry the other way then

  5. I agree with you. Take responsibility for your actions. It is ok to have your opinion, but do it respectfully. This woman behaved so immature while venting her opinion and anger.


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