Putin’s ‘Iron Doll’ Declares Start of WW3 In Response to What Just Happened


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – A TV mouthpiece for the Kremlin, Russian television anchor Olga Skabeyeva, said in a video taken on a news set that the war in Ukraine “is now over” and that “WWIII had started.”

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I’d sure rather have President Trump back and a few mean tweets than nuclear winter.

“In Politics nothing happens by accident, all is planned before” said an american President once.

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  1. No end to the bidens crew of lies and BS, The crisis of leadership continues starting with a mentally and physically dalt president. The democrats are happy to allow this abomination in office to continue, guess they are hoping to line their pockets, as much as their leader has done, Bidens response to our border crisis and invasion of our souther border, the drugs, the crime, the burden to the tax payers, fxxx it, and fxxx the border patrol people, Bidens response to national shortages, like baby food, empty shelves, fxxx it, Oh, plus nobody ever told me, plus don’t forget it’s all Trumps fault. Bidens quick response to national inflation, high energy costs, high food cost, fxxx it, don’t forget it’s all the Russians fault, we have the largest debt in the history of our country but it does not stop biden and his crew from pissing away your tax payer dollars, with a fxxx it, to go along with it.The midterms are getting closer vote these fxxx it democrats our of office and return law and order to our country.The recession is here what are you going to do about it?

  2. So skabeyeva states WWIII started. If they have gotten their “S” kicked by Ukraine, despite current leadership, we still have the means of defending ourselves

  3. Treats are warnings. Ukraine is not winning on their own. Russia will have others backing them also. Be careful what you ask for Biden you just might get more than Democrates and Rhino can handle. Those who you despise will not be willing to defend your Woke arses.

  4. Guess the dumb azz’s in Russia don’t care they will end earth as we know it . But if it comes down to that , then I say kick some azz . We have no other place to go . shows how demented some are about ruling the world . No one will ever rule the world . It will be blown up befor that happens. Maybe then the little space people will come to stop all this BS you know the Russians and other commies are mind set on the destruction on everyone not like them .


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