Press Sec. Has a Tense Argument as She Refuses to Answer This Question


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre arguing with Fox News’ Peter Doocy about small border towns unable to deal with the cost of illegal immigration busing undocumented immigrants to Washington D.C. and other major cities.


I like how she gas lights thr reporter for accusing republicans of what exactly her party is doing. Using the illegal immigrants!

I love how she says that sending these migrants to large cities, who are better equipped to deal with them, is Republicans USING them. But Democrats just letting them flood over the border into small communities and towns who aren’t equipped to deal with such a large influx of people is somehow perfectly acceptable. If a big city like Washington DC needs the National Guard to deal with just a fraction of the numbers that come across every day, how are all these small border towns supposed to deal with them? They’re just mad that it’s not “out of sight out of mind” anymore. I think they are deliberately trying to put a strain on Texas’ resources so they have to become dependent on the Federal Government.


  1. What a pathetic, ignorant,lying,incompetent,nut=job, start telling the truth, or your fired.It just seems like these dumbocraps have a hard time telling the truth,they all lie.

  2. What a crock! If Biden would go about letting in migrant’s like the border has done for DECADES before (that s going through the process LEGALLY) we wouldn’t be going thru this. It’s the DEMOCRATS who have done this for political agenda!!!! Do you really think most people(EXCEPT DEMOCRATS) realize how you are politically using this?

  3. What she is really saying is, “US border towns don’t need our federal help with these illegals immigrants but large, Democrat cities do!”

  4. The biden administration is the least transparent since obama’s disaster.

    The democrats just raised taxes on all working poor, fixed income retirees, college students with student loans, and middle class people by billions and billions of dollars.

    Remember when CNN, msnbc, cbs, abc and the new york times were gettign people all angry for the democrats claiming trumps TAX CUTS only helped the rich?

    Well the democrats just added $2000 a year in taxes on the poor.

    Why do people still vote for democrats? every single time they end up being liars. not just once in a while. Every single time.

    You have to be stupid to vote democrat.

  5. Dem voters are not stupid,they just dont listen to credible news outlets , like fox, news max, epoc times or any conservative talk shows. What is hard to understand is how they can fall for the lies of the dem for over 50 years, see how they are destoying democratic cities and never vote them out of office??👀👀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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