Nothing Like This Has Ever Happened


Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to United States’ population growth being fueled by migration on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #tucker


You do a wonderful job, tucker, and in a job where you can only briefly breeze against the truth. Well said sir!

“Government IS NOT the solution to OUR problems, Government IS THE PROBLEM” Ronald Reagan 🇺🇸


  1. Don’t believe biden and the democrats, look no further then their America last policy, China first policy, look at their in power, financial gains, pelosi and family, biden and family, look at the pawns they put on office, look at our open borders and now ” Polio” has returned to the United States, because of biden’s border policy, times for changes America vote them out, keep them out, vote in the mid terms..

  2. Migration is the answer to the problem that the Left has created over the decades. Once a job required a little extra schooling. There were apprenticeships, OJT, etc. A job was out there for everyone willing to work, then the ELITE came up with a new scam.. College degrees. OK, some jobs absolutely, but most? NO, an emphatic NO. MD’s, Scientist, Nuclear Physicist, Engineering. YES. But think back. There were jobs, entry level that were taken by High School kids, looking to buy a car, or a soda, etc. They were a gateway to get a taste of a future and what appealed to the future worker/ bread winner. Male or female. Then came the “shaming” . A janitor or maid became a “sanitation engineer” so it didn’t have to sound like such a lower -caste job. A nurse’s aide became a Certifed Nursing Assistant. Upgrade the jargon, but its still all cleaning up someone else’s filth. Today all are ABOVE the jobs that sustain this country. The lower caste jobs. Garbage work, Road Work, landfill work, Plumbing/sewer work, delivery work.. Without which this country would come to a screaming HALT. But the new snow flakes are too good. Most new RNs ,when they see the reality, suddenly want to be a supervisor or manager, and yet are unable to perform or comprehend the most basics demanded, but they want to plant it behind a desk with a computer and write policy on something they have NO skill in performing. So……….. Bring on the immigrant population who are just thrilled to get their SNAP card, subsidized housing, free health care and all that we offer in order to fill the “unfillable” jobs that are seen as an humiliation instead of a step on the way to a better life. The left has gutted this country . We have NO SUSTAINABILITY due to that. No baby formula, no micro chips for cars/appliances, no batteries, and most pathetic of all?? NO ONE WILLING TO WORK….


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