MUST SEE: The View Loses It 😂



“Ironic how people named Whoopi, Joy and Sunny can bring so much misery to others” BATMAN for PRESIDENT

“Only criminals are “scared” of “normal” people having guns… that’s a good thing, btw” Legalize Freedom


  1. I’m no fan of whoopie every morning she shows up in pajamas and robe the producers are stuck with her if she was fired there would be discrimination suits all over the place

  2. I thought that she was leaving the good old “U S of A” for the frigid Canadian tundra if the GOP had won ? Strange how so many in the woke community just hate America. There is a simple fix too all of that BS., you all hate America? Then by all means take a trip to Russia, China, N.Korea, Iran or VENEZUELA an experience what hell is all about, or you can ask Elon M to give you a ride to Mars, but remember it must be a one way ticket !!! God Bless America, the land of the free, the home of the brave.
    R M SINGH, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.

  3. Okay , so what’s the problem here …

    Looking at it in the same way as gun violence, we have to blame the traffic-cone ? If the cone wasn’t there it never would’ve injured the person … ? NO , ITS NOT THE DEVICE USED IN THE ATTACK, it’s the attacker who’s at fault , doesn’t matter how he accomplished the assault!

  4. Well it you want to carry a traffic cone around with you to defend yourself by all means go for it. You want to make an argument over people carrying a weapon for defense whilst there others out there carrying to perpetrate a felony…. i.e. murder, larceny or just being pissed off what would you have to protect yourself” A Cone?” Hence the saying if you take away gun rights from the average decent individual citizens the only ones that would have a gun would be the criminal who doesn’t give a damn about the law and will continually break it for their own agenda. One of the reasons other countries have Not invaded the US is that they are also quite aware that the average law abiding citizen it armed and is willing to step up and in defend their home, family, country and in the name of God for the right to live in freedom from all oppressors. So you whine about the right to bare arms and enjoy your day living freely today and sleep well tonight


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