Must See: AOC Laughs and Dodges When Asked if She’ll Support Biden in 2024


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GOP War Room
– Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Laughs, Dodges When Asked If She’ll Support Biden In 2024

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Lesson learned. Never ask an unhinged politician about another unhinged politician. Word salad will always be the answer with unhinged dressing.

That’s a solid ” probably not”. She knows the DEMS will help Biden transition back to his retirement before 2024, probably two days after they get the assess handed to them in November

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  1. Aoc is a fool but even a fool can learn a little. She would not vote for biden and she learned not to wear that bright red whore lipstick she wore for 6 years straight

    See! Now that’s progressive!

  2. The democrats will find a way to cheat again… bet on it !
    Why do you think they are letting all of the Illegals and brought over all the Astan people from Afghanistan?? To gain votes but will not let Cubans in as they then to vote conservative.


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