Joy Behar SHOCKS The View ADMITS There Is NO SMOKING GUN Evidence For DOJ Trump Jan 6 Charges



Everyone needs to vote like never before this November. Tired of these Dems.

The worst form of torture is being forced to sit and watch this show for hours and hours against your will while being tied down.


  1. This big mouth ignoramous bimbo needs to go away, take her opinion that has cred only because she is a “star” … Regardless of agreeing with her or not, she and Whoopie are a disgrace to America. Jokes… all of them. Just one more reason to mock America.

  2. One has to wonder if they actually believe their own rhetoric? It is such BS that you’d have to be a moron to believe it. That said……
    Also, their names imply positive, happy persons, NOT!

  3. Its all an act and it has sure gotten them a lot of attention because folks watch their show to see how terrible they are. Advertisers love a big audience for whatever reason.
    Heck what am I doing commenting on here, caught me being reeled in myself!

  4. This show of so called women is a crime in it self. Everyone knows that this is a lie period. Democrats are trying to keep President Trump from being President again. The lies from democrats are on full display and talk about breaking the law the democrats are the biggest criminals of all times. Democrats said for years no one is above the law yet they have proven they are playing God. This guy is so right on all points. We all know their was election fraud. So many people have woken up to all the lies. Truth will come out trust me. Accountability of democrats and all others will be held by we the people. Like to know how he could try and get to steering wheel thru glass?


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