Joe Biden ROASTED Over Hilarious Gaffe, Reads Prompter Instructions And WH DEFENDS It



Isn’t a federal crime to use the IRS to target anyone who is a political opponent Let’s go, Brandon

Who is actually in charge at this point? Biden clearly just reads whatever is put in front of him so who is actually approving that message before he reads it?


  1. STUPID IS AS STUPID SAYS, joe biden and his China first policy is failing across both parties. Not wanted in 2024 and will be cause for his impeachment after the midterms, just hope the biden monies they collected for” what ever they promised to do for it” is returned to those Un American adversaries where it should have stayed all along, we do not need the joe and hunter’s America last policy in our Country. Can biden and harries be impeached at the same time?

  2. Come on man… give old Joe a chance, or 2, or 12. The old fool can’t get anything right. Yeah he’s the man of the year. The year 1950 maybe. But now this year. Yet the democrats say he’s doing a great job, they even got a few people to agree. But face it he can’t run a kool-aid stand on the corner yet alone the country. He’s getting our scj attacked cause they not agree with him. How corrupt is that, or is it racist ??? Probably both. It’s the democrat way.

  3. Once again for the ungteeth time stupid poopypants senile Joe has shown he is the perfect example of a completely hopeless useless stupid idiot.

  4. What a complete fool. It is very fitting and well deserved, how he embarrasses his family and the communist democrats. You would think his wife wouldn’t have let him run, knowing as she does, that he really belongs in a nursing home. She must be a real peach too. It is poetic justice what is happening to this liar, and the people that voted for him.

  5. Old Wolfe-Of course Biden’s racist! He voted against desegregation! Said HIS kids weren’t going to a “black jungle school”! KKK’s a Dem org! And Dems voted against the Black Reconstruction Act giving freed slaves equal rights! A Republican bill, they didn’t stop until they got it passed! But Dems love to call everyone else “Racist”, when they take the prize—it’s called “transference”- when you blame others for YOUR faults! And boy do Dirty Dems blame- when THEY should be in prison!


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