Joe Biden Just Proved He’s Compromised


‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ host argues how President Biden is compromised and is selling America out in Thursday’s opening monologue. #foxnews #primetime


I Blame This Failing Country On Every Person Who Voted For Joe.

It’s heartbreaking to see good, hardworking men and women in this country being swindled out of everything. Not just money, but out of the very country they love!


  1. Hidbiden ! Is Brain Dead , Blind Eyed and Gutter TRASH from Delaware. A PUPPET in the eyes of the DemoRats and Republicans.

  2. We have to wait until November elections to replace this dead brain Impostor. And after he get replaced, jail time for treason, corruption and election fraud. The Democratic Party should be abolished. Same as the Communist Party USA. They are a cancer in the life of the people.

  3. Back in the ’70’s and ’80’s when idiot Biden taxed Social Security, then years later taxed it even higher, should have been a red flag on what he was going to do to oil, drilling, fracking and his Green Deal he promised. Well, any one who voted for him in 2020 should have known he’s do what he said he’d do and he did. Now EVERYONE even those who did not vote for the Numb Nuts is paying the price and we will be until he is replaced in 2024. Thank you Democratic voters. You did it to yourselves and us. The not – so – hidden Socialistic Communist Party is hard at work to screw the entire United States of America, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Jews, Indians, Asians and all the rest !


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