Joe Biden Jokes About Taking Serious Questions


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GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden joked about taking serious questions, even though he never takes them, during a segment on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with Jimmy Kimmel on 6/8/2022.

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Our country is failing and this clown goes on one of the worst communist shows besides the View. VOTE RED

This entire interview is a great joke.

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  1. Joe Biden and the entire democrat party are completely phuced up. they have destroyed every aspect of america and are workign on destroying the world.

    there is nothign these dipwads can do that will help anything ever.

    The most hilarious part of all of this is that Hispanics and blacks no longer support the democrats.

    the core support for the democrat party is now only the white shame white folks (white liberals) and the stupid low IQ white college retards.

    I think we can all agree that the 20 something little children in college today are the lowest IQ people in america. they have proven it will be years and years, if ever, before they are truly capable of adult decision making.

    Most companies would be far better off luring retired people back into the work force then hiring the fools in college today.

    All of this disaster in america is a result of the democrats, liberals progressives.

    If your still even remotely thinking about voting democrat your not a smart person.

  2. The democrats, liberals, progressives, whatever the idiots call themselves this week have screwed up bid time.

    Kimmel looked like a day care lady dealing with a 2 year old. that voter fraud you democrats engaged in was really really a good idea. you clearly knew better then the voters what woudl be best for the country.

    New election why don;t you just leave the pre-filled in ballots and dead people votes in Biden’s basement with his 10 year old sex slaves and piles of cocaine.

    I can not believe there is still anyone who is supporting the democrats after this fiasco. you would literally have to be as brain dead as Biden to vote democrat after this.

  3. kimmel’s show was ridiculous and stupid. It was not funny, interesting or informative.

    It was a over the hill host and a really old man spending 10 minutes trying to get a coherent sentence completed and it never happened.

    I use to vote democrat. I thought bush jr was dumb because the media told me to believe that. maybe he is, but i know now that i do not know. at first i thought Obama was smart, but i quickly figured out he was not. then they ran Hilary. I actually knew her history so that was a big no. Now this BS with Biden Schiff, pelosi, shumer, nedlar, AOc, omar, and booker pretty much has taught me I can never vote democrat.

    So that is it never vote democrat. you just get this BS. Everything they and their new media say about any other party is a lie.

  4. I can never understand what he says. I rewind listen again and nope. If I can make out what he is saying it is so stupid I still do not get it. He mumbles, shouts, loses track of conversations or in this case slurs it all together so quick you can’t make it out. Freezes, and just stops and stairs, or whispering also. Geez what a embarrassment.

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