Everyone Owes President Trump An Apology


Trump Plans To FIRE Up To 50,000 Government Employees After Winning In 2024, He Got My Vote! A Trump Administration would bring on Kash Patel, Peter Navarro and other former officials to clear out the deep state.


Everyone owes President Trump an apology for not heeding his warning about how much of a DISASTER Biden would be.

I want this more than anything. These politicians deserve everything coming to them.


  1. I agree with trump. however this the reason I don;t want trump to run. He should fire a lot more then 50,000 government employees and he should create a pro america oath for government employees with felony charges for violating it. Trump should not tell the voters he is going to do it.

    If DeSantis, Tim Scott, or another Republican will they should all cut government employment by 50%, combine all the like government Departments together and fire 90% of the management.

    Make is a felony for any governemnt office to create regulations, restriction, or rules. Only congress should be allowed to do that and the supreme court can mange the congress.

    We also need to severely restrict “emergency powers”. The garbage the democrats pulled claiming medical emergency needs to be stopped.

  2. I don’t owe Trump Anything!!!!!!! He betrayed his oath of office to defend the CONSTITUTION against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!!!!

    • Look at what your hate for one individual has brought America. Do you think your comment will convince ANYONE that Biden is doing a wonderful job? Are you better off today than you were a year and a half ago and do you think America is better off today than it was a year and a half ago? I am certainly not better off today than I was under Trump. Biden and the Democrats are trying to destroy America and followers like you are helping them do it.

      • Its called backlash, and with each administration it gets worse. Trump was the answer to the “ring kissing” “finally proud of America” Obama, and Biden was the backlash to the “pussy grabbing” “hang him” Trump who had NO CONTROL over his vile mouth. He mocked anyone who dared to suggest that he tone it down and be more presidential. I was never really aware of his political agenda because he ran his administration like a reality TV series,, not the government of what used to be a powerful free nation, and BTW, I am conservative. He doesn’t represent the values of the general population but of the fringe, who are bordering on criminality. I only pray that the Right finds an educated, experienced political representative who can serve all of America, not some deranged, decrepit, egotistical, ancient , crooked, ignorant billionaire who wants to further his own interest,,,, And I am speaking of both Trump AND Biden… Boy oh boy, did we get screwed.

    • I think you have your politicians confused, A LOT. President Trump has done more to uphold the Constitution than any President in the history of this country. Any thoughts differently are just a dilution.

  3. Trump won. We all know that. So does the rest of the world.
    These so-called elected are not running anything. Think SOROS GATES FAUCHI ROCKEFELLER ROTHSCHILD SCHAUB.
    Tell me it isn’t true.

  4. Just read where doctors are saying Biden is Hoarse (Horse) and coughing (snorting).
    I think its time for the horse medicine Ivermectin!

  5. FJB and his corrupt,incoherant,incompetent,deep state minions, who have destroyed america. Your time is coming to an end in 2022+ 2024, and the dumbocraps will become irrelevant for years.

  6. Haters will be mad, It would be hard to find a president that accomplished anything and followed through as many times as President Trump. Are there things I was unhappy about? Several things. The truth is that with all things considered, America was better under #45. There were a lot of people with evil on their mind who were afraid of what President Trump would do, so they did less evil. The “waters are murky” about the 2020 election and the Jan. 6th protest / riot. I expected him to have a faster response on 1/6. I expected that Pelosi, the Capitol police and the DC police would accept National Guard help to control the protest everybody knew could go badly. President Trump authorized the use of National Guard troops. There is no DC Governor to call up the authorized troops, That fell to Pelosi, the Capitol police and the DC police to authorize and call them up, then employ them in the capitol’s defense. There is a lot wrong there. #45’s accusations about a free and fair election has a basis in truth. Especially in states that created new voting procedures without getting those procedures approved and passed by State legislators and signed by their Governor. None of those voting procedures produced legal, valid votes. Who can get the truth? I do not know at this point. I do know that there are always some people trying to mess up the vote’s results. There have been a few who have been charged and convicted. Other bad actors need to know there are consequences. Why is it impossible just to get the whole truth out and in the public record? I have been watching the episodes of the one sided “hearings production show”. It is not a legal hearing if there are no questions, challenges or proof beyond what can only be described as third hand hearsay.


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