Congress JUST LOVES To SCREW OVER The American People


Mitch McConnel, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tell President Biden they are open to sending unlimited amounts of tax payer money to Ukraine. Data shows US economy is doing better than expected but CEO’s share warning that things could get rough. The railroad shut down seem averted for now and Dr. Fauci says the most asinine comments under oath.


I love the way that Congress wants to oversee every DIME we spend but will give unlimited amounts of money to Ukraine without any oversight. I don’t understand why this is going on. We need to Vote the ENTIRE congress out of office an put people in that will respect us.

I’ll be 64 in May and I tell you, I have NEVER seen so much evil, lies, sickening things going on in our Country. Im sorry that u younger people don’t know the USA I grew up in, breaks my heart! Steven thank you for keeping us updated. I know you and your lovely bride pray… may we all follow your example. Pray for our Country like never before. May The Almighty have mercy upon us.


  1. The name of thier game!!!!Most are worthless. They represent
    themselves!!!! A real congress cleaning needed but will never
    happen. Just look at them…how about a big flush!!!!

  2. This is what we as Americans get when our elected politicians make a career out of a life-time of so called serving their constituents. You mean serving themselves to taxpayers money! Over time these politicians become corrupt with payoffs from lobbyists. We ALL must vote and support TERMLIMITS to stop this corruption in DC.

  3. Public servants at its worst!
    These people are nothing but public servants.. they work for the people that hired them. Why do t we the people fire them ??

  4. Russia should be bearing the cost of Ukraine’s. What’s happening to the assets seized? Russia should be kept out of the global econonmy until it pays the bill. Considering a trillion dollar debt for Ukraine creates great suspicion in Conress.

  5. Vote the ENTIRE CONGRESS OUT of office? Better yet grab each one by the hair and KICK them OUT. We live in a country where your vote and mine is WORTHLESS to these corrupt thieves. There was a time when older men and women were respected; but when you have people like Biden, Pelosi, Bitch Mconnel and Schmuck Shummer they with their aged experience will without caring one bit destroy our lives no matter what it takes. Too many old people in Congress, there should be limits to them in office!


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