Bumbling Biden Strikes Again 不不(Jacket 1 – Biden 0)



What a piece of comedy!!! 不不

Ohh look dumb and dumber


  1. Age….. we all are there or will be. Everything is more difficult, from shoes to jackets, to memory. I sympathize. However, this supports my call for an age limit for the most important office in Politics today.. We MUST set an age limit. One must be physically AND mentally fit and from what we’ve seen over the last couple of decades… it is even more crucial to not be burdened by the effects of aging. We have moved into a new age.. The age of technology. Just as our forefathers had no idea we’d have TV, or a remote even, walk on the moon, replace beating human hearts, conquer Polio. We who are aging are from a different century, a different paradigm.. I am heartbroken to see the simpler, kinder, less narcissistic days fade. It is a horrible loss, but, there is a new breed of human, not necessarily better, who is going to become the dominant force in our brave ,new Orwellian world. A Joe Biden or a Donald Trump are not and will not be equipped to deal with the new world order as they approach their eight decade. Sorry, but age is age, decline is decline. Are you immune? I am not.

  2. and that’s the problem nothing against getting old but
    our government is run by old people and greedy ones at that
    your going to die and your NOT taking your money with u
    you leave like you came in bare ass and no pockets
    their ways of thinking are out dated, new tech joe can’t do a zoom meeting
    look at dino soros it’s actually gross to look at the liverspotted bags under eye old senile greedy man
    and gates another gross pervert sick
    and nancy dried up old hag greedy thinks she runs everything alcohol burn out
    dick another senile lets shoot you
    and the list goes on
    get rid of these FOSSILS in the government
    term and age limits 2 terms and out


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