Biden’s Handshakes in Israel Causing Issues


President Biden wasn’t supposed to shake hands with any foreign leader during his first Middle East trip. It’s a precaution aides said was meant to protect him from Covid-19 — but one that would conveniently help avoid a handshake with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the second leg of his tour. But in this video, you can see him fist-bumping the Israel premier and several other officials after stepping off Air Force One in Tel Aviv. He later had an extended handshake with Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The United States pays for 20% of Israel’s military budget while Israel has a space program, universal health care, and still runs a budget surplus for six of the last ten years

The handshakes are the least of the problems.


  1. While the U.S.helps Israel deal with a phenomenal military budget,
    the deal is that any and all military hardware that Israel does not produce itself MUST be bought from the U.S. That deal keeps a lot of Americans working!!!

  2. Joe Biden President, loves this Country so much he does not want to see his fellow Americans hurting over high gasoline cost, high energy cost, shortages, have decided to take the risk of our Nations National Security and use our National Reserve oil to lower gas prices at the pump. Mr. President, Hunter is on the line, say what, will have to ship that oil to China instead, what about your promise to the American people. The world would like an answer to that question.

  3. Everything biden does is phuc up. You democrats are cuasing nothing but problem.

    Any fool is is defending democrat party at this point is just plain stupid.

    By the way democrats, literals, progressives your argument that my body my choice applies to abortion and not effective covid death shots is garbage. Abortion kills the fetus, zygote, baby while vaccines are only to protect the individual getting the vaccine.

    So your social good argument does not apply. Plus fauci just admitted that the vaccines were ineffective.

    So once again the conservatives were right and you were wrong

  4. BBB = Better Before Biden I saw on a sign in Iowa.

    He and his entire administration are buffoons, incompetent, and communist traitors. Especially Mayorkas. They “won” the election through “false advertising.” Very fitting for a career liar like Biden has been.


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