In this episode, Dinesh reveals Biden’s gas problem, or perhaps he should say Biden’s other gas problem—the problem with gas prices. Dinesh examines the arrest of the Colbert film team for unauthorized entry into the U.S. Capitol. Dinesh asks whether Western sanctions are hurting, or helping Russia. Finally, Dinesh considers two new “fact checks” in continuing his debunking of the debunkers of “2000 Mules.”


“gas for your car in California is a minimum of six fifty a gallon and it goes up to 750 a gallon thanks to Biden and the governor” Pat Sales

“Hilarious headline Dinesh. Biden’s ‘gas problem’. I almost dropped my beer on reading it,lol.” MmCcBb7 mcb


  1. Joe the big guy biden caught in another stream of lie, denying how the big guys crime family sold out America for personal financial gain.The investigations should be ongoing now, not after the midterms,this makes the democrats complaisant in their family crimes, also the FBI, IRS, SS, DOJ, for covering up their now oblivious international crime family corruption.Our National Security at risk, it Has been  occurring with China, Russia, it’s in black and white print now, with voice recordings.Time to hold this crime family accountable.

  2. Yup biden and the whole democrat party have a gas problem they are full hot air.

    If there were no democrats there would be no man made global warming problem.

  3. The only gas that Biden knows about is what comes out of his ass. He probably has a patent on it and has plans to sell it to Putin. Our country was once the most economic country in the world. Look at us now. We are kissing the ass of several other countries to help ease a problem that can be corrected by Old Green Joe. Build the pipeline, release land for drilling and production hear at home. Does Joe realize we our the only country in the world that wants to take our economy backward. Look at who brought this trend to us. Yes, two has been politicians with support from a long list of socialist jerks. The J team Joe and John need to go! Permanently out of politics?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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