Biden Threatens F-15 Strikes Against Americans



It’s beyond a gaffe. Americans, not just certain people with a given political affiliation, Americans do not want him in charge of our country.

God help us all Patriots under this horrible Regime


  1. Your right ! Drive a corn cob up Biden’s ass if you are alone and corn pop is around the corner!! This idiot and his cronies are getting ready to go to the “TRAIN STATION”!! soon! a “ride out of town”!!

  2. He ought to be impeached for proposing attacking American citizens with F-15s! Let’s face it, Joe Biden, the coward, couldn’t even face his responsibility while facing his draft board by avoiding the draft in a corrupt manner in the 60’s. Joe, take a trip over to Arlington and thank those patriots who are buried there because of your cowardice.

    • Just another form of TREASON. Looking back, Bill Clinton was a draft dodger who even wrote a letter to a general telling that he would not serve. Barak Obama committed TREASON when he sent no telling how much money in unmarked currency in an unmarked aircraft to an obscure airfield in Iran in the middle of the night. Now, our “fearless leader,” Joe Biden wants to turn F-15s loose on we Americans who actually belong here. I recall those socialists (communists) whining and complaining that Donald Trump was never in the military. What has Biden ever done but sit on his dead ass in the senate and cause problems for retired people who’ve paid their dues for many years and raise Social Security income tax not once but twice. The last time he did it he got it up to 85%. I really hope the foolish moronic anti American idiots who voted for Biden and now won’t admit it are proud and happy with what they’ve done TO and not FOR our once free country.

  3. First party endorsement from fat Franchi for a 3 month emergency food supply which appears he consumed in one sitting. Did he give up on hawking gold or pillows because of a fertilizer shortage also?


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