Biden Shifts on Zelensky, What’s the Agenda?


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– Keen observers of the Ukraine War have understood for some time that Russia will likely continue to make slow but steady progress while consolidating control over increasing areas of the Donbass region, meaning that for all intents and purposes the war is over.

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I love how the gov’t just pisses money away, yet has the nerve to tell the citizens how to run our lives.

Actually, what Zelensky HAS been doing was comedy.

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  1. Any man who wears red high heels doesn’t deserve 40 billion of my country mens dollars…or our weapons. What about our souvenir boarders? 40 billion could send every illegal back home with a fat check to make their own country great. They could speak their own language and protest in their own country about how horrible their own politicians, I mean cartels, treat them.

  2. can you feel it coming? can you? another biden phuc up. bidens sanctions did not work. his energy restrictions on russia did not work. so instead of admitting he failed he is goign to abandon ship.

    just another in the endless pride parade of democrat failed ideas.

    • Anyone with half a brain would do a little back ground on Zelensky he is a bigger thug than Putin and he will leave Ukraine a very rich man the other Countries in NATO have cooled off about Ukraine except the U.S. of course

  3. The midterms are almost here sire, then you and your oath breakers are properly fxxxed. Biden thinks he has been elected king, WTF, when the impeachment hearing start, lets see just how much king biden has to have say about his corruption. America has never elected kings, the oath of office taken is to protect and serve, we do not have kings anointed in this country and never will, hope the democrats understand that, midterms to prove that point.


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