Watch Joe Biden’s Humiliating Moment As He Can’t Recite The Preamble To The Constitution



Brandon is the humiliation that keeps on humiliating !!!

Hard to remember something you don’t believe in…right Joe?


  1. Is there anything biden and the democrats can do correctly?

    Honestly biden can’t even rape correctly. He prefers little girls becuase they don’t know better.

    You people defending the democrats are retards.

  2. Biden doesn’t pretend to be something he is not he knows he is not a President he would prefer to be left alone and be the forever VP the Democratic party has created something that has run off the rails ..

  3. This man is the very best the democrats have.Other wise they would replace him.They look for the worst there is then go with that.JFK was the best of the Democrats.Once he was killed it has been nothing but a retarded person ever sense.The REAL Democratic party died with JFK.

  4. There needs to be an age limit… yes, experience counts but having a clear , functioning brain is vital….. This guy is a danger to the country as is anyone over 70 .. I have issues running a household. How can anybody who is aging run the what was once the greatest country and civilization on earth?.. He is developing expressive aphasia, mobility problems and his filter when speaking about women/girls has disappeared. His gait is noticeably stiff and unreliable. I keep waiting for him to fall over again. It will take one event for him to be knocked out of office and Word Salad Annie will be our new president… OMG

  5. I know they needed a puppet for crying out loud. They the Descartes a three ring circus the clone who can’t speak on national TV for crying out loud how are we the Nation are going to be taken curiously with these morons I ask you……

  6. I remember when we were told to respect our president

    Not worship him like the smooth talking charlatan who served himself for 4 years or the elder statesman who we castigate for all the things he can’t control and instead focus on all the legislation he has already helped pass to better OUR country.
    Show some respect for a selfless leader and true patriot, Joe Biden.


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