‘Terrifying’: US President Joe Biden has ‘significant issues’


Sky News host Erin Molan says US President Joe Biden has “significant issues”. “I’ve always found it challenging to talk about Biden and to analyse his performance in a way that reflects the complexity – in that it’s often hard to separate his professional inadequacies – of which there are many – from his clearly deteriorating health,” Ms Molan said. “The President of the United States must be scrutinised within an inch of his life – he wields too much power for any less.” “But what if the leader of the free world is clearly in mental decline.” Ms Molan said there is “nothing amusing nor entertaining about cognitive decline”. “But there is something terrifying about watching it play out publicly in the leader of the free world.”


As an American, I am embarrassed by the Biden “administration” and his minions. I wouldn’t trust him to drive a car, much less run the country. Please help us. Please. Seriously.

Here in America it’s very concerning because if Biden were removed or had to resign the people after him are just as awful. This country is in the hands of some very suspect individuals


  1. This lying,senile,frail,old,puppet,fool,needs to be relieved of his duties,immediately. He isn’t mentally fit to serve as president, or anything else.He is totally incompetent, and a danger to america and it’s allies.This laughing stock, could get us nuked,with his idiotic,crap spewing out of his pie hole. He is a disgrace to our country and the american people.

  2. FJB
    Senile Joe’s handlers should be rooted out and tried for treason. The open southern border puts all of us at risk. Except the rich and political left wing cronies.

  3. This poopypants senile old geezer has ALWAYS been in mental decline. Just the dummycrat party was able to hide it when this pile of worthless sewage was just a stupid lowlife senator from little Delaware.

  4. I’m not a dooms day person but it seems we are teetering in the brink of our own destruction. If we don’t turn it around in the November elections. Who is George Soros and his One World ideas? Some old Greek who should have died ages ago!
    Bidens not the problem. It’s the whole Socialist Democratic Party! They are leading us down the road to hell!


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