Ron DeSantis responds to Kamala Harris’s ‘equity’ comments


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joined ‘Hannity’ to discuss the damage from Hurricane Ian and Vice President Kamala Harris’s comments suggesting hurricane relief should take ‘equity’ into account. #foxnews #fox #hannity


Dear Kamala and Democrats- WE are a HUMAN race. We must respond to humanity with humanity. Open your heart and STOP playing for political POWER! WE see it and we are sick of it!

Desantis is Americas best governor. That’s why democrats and the media are trying to politicize this terrible tragedy. We should be trying to help everyone, no matter what race you are.


  1. What a PATHETIC culture. To be the never ending victim of everything , swathed in self-hatred, especially when given absolutely EVERY advantage. The affirmative action garbage, the unending “scholarships”, government programs, freebies unending and yet to be so INCAPABLE of making a decent life, a lawful life, a normal life. Blame everything and everybody and keep yourselves in the chains of victimhood… Good going, WOKE,,, the new form of keeping a group under your heels. They BEG to be there… It has worked so far, correct?

    • You are completely right, they like the world they have created for themselves, they will continue to play the race card to justify their actions.

  2. DeSantis
    you keep doing what your doing
    your a breath of fresh air
    and don’t let the bastards wear you down

  3. That woman whatever her name is, is heartless. ALL people in Fl. who need help should get it, no matter what color you are or how poor or rich. All suffered and had loses. That woman should never talk because she is another foggy minded Joey.

  4. OH, Kami cannot stand it when someone else does good, and SHE NEVER DOES.I would not believe a word she says. She is just another puppet.


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