New Yorkers SHOCKED by These REAL Joe Biden Quotes


New Yorkers SHOCKED by These REAL Joe Biden Quotes. Here’s my reaction and viewpoint on this topic.


If these people actually voted for Biden and didn’t know that he made these statements, that is scary!

This is proof that people are voting for who the MSM tells them..not knowing anything! It’s sad and frustrating!! Blexit is the best thing that has happened for black Americans!!


  1. I personaly dont like Trumps arrogance but I can overlook that as being human. His record of helping this country speaks for itself.
    And after years of hounding him and looking into every detail of his life and every comment he’s ever made, they STILL dont have the dirt. He seems pretty damn clean to me. Cant say I or anyone I know would pass such a test.

    • obama was more arrogant than trump. obama is still showing his arrogance in every form since leaving office. he still thinks he is president, or…. maybe he is.

  2. I notice most of the people participating in this Q and A are black. Don’t they realize that poopypants senile Joe’s best friend was the Grand Dragon of the West Virginia KKK before he died.

  3. obummer was and still is a piece of S&^% along with his family. Used the WH as a vacation place. Now we have his EX VP in the house and guess what ??? the same thing no surprise . Like above note what did JOE do down south in the early 60’s.

  4. I can’t believe that people don’t know what a racist Biden is. He’s always been a one. Actually, as a former Dem. I find this typical. It’s the main reason I could no longer support their lying agenda. As the horary mother of 2 black children, I realized the con my former party was running on the black community. It’s still the party of the Confederacy! The attitude is
    “Tell them what they want to hear and then forget about them” It’s sick and disgraceful! It’s shows in the SCHOOLS, the CRIME and a thousand different ways. They actually expect the black community to vote for them for no other reason than the color of their skin!!! Like my kids didn’t have the brains to decide what is best for them!!!


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