We need more patriot whistleblowers to stand up to this tyranny.

Calling Jan. 6th an insurrection is like calling a BLM riot a “mostly peaceful protest”.


  1. I watched, listened, paid attention – at no time did I feel that January 6 could conceivably be called an Insurrection nor did I feel threatened as a nation. NOW, since our once vaunted FBI is acting like the Police in a True Police State- arresting Americans – basically because the Justice department has decided Conservatives are Terrorist, holding January 6 folks accused of misdemeanors in Jail without bail for indefinite lengths of time. As nearly as I have read and heard, most “damage” was caused by FBI undercover agents stirring up the crowd at the scene and some Antifia elements were involved, as well. Conservatives believe in the Constitution, Justice for all, innocent until proven guilty. Funny, the liberals practically destroyed whole inner cities and and moved out to the edges and the VP raised bail moneys to get them out immediately if they were unlucky enough to be arrested (not many were), but the conservatives who had not one weapon among them (no guns found), most simply walked around and observed, and the FBI has gone all over the USA arresting them, sometimes in full Riot Gear. And even perpetrated such an attack on the pro-life father of seven who shoved a guy for getting in his 12 year old son’s face and yelling vulgarities at an abortion site, with many agents, in full gear and arms drawn on a trumped up JD charge of impeding entry exploding to his home at 7:05 am a year or more later after local law enforcement declined any charges. When are Americans going to Notice that we are in danger of losing our freedom and being ruled by fiat with a State Police Force already in place??!!! The only reason there would have been such venomous animosity by politicians for Trump has to be that he is not a politician and would not accept nor succumb to the graft and corruption that is present in our Halls of Congress and in the Swamp! Definition of Swamp – Bureaucrats who are entrenched at big bureaucracies and wield enormous power in the Federal Government!!!

  2. There are two separate points. Whistleblowers are protected by law. Any American is authorized to contact members of Congress is redress of grievances. I worked in the Executive Branch for 42 years. Employees are not allowed to contact or converse with members of Congress as an employee in that capacity. This does have to go through an Office of Legislative Liaison. I am no fan of the dishonorable Merrick Garland by any means, but I think that is what his memo addressed. Thank God he is not a Supreme Court Justice!

  3. There is an ever growing number of Americans calling for the dismantling of the FBI, which has been destroyed with those leading the FBI. Also, the FBI and DOJ has come under fire for their role as biased departments.


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