‘Failed Miserably’: Joe Biden ‘On The Cusp Of Disaster’


Joe Biden’s presidency is on the cusp of disaster after having nothing to show for the past two years, Curtin University political analyst Professor Joe Siracusa says. Only 13 per cent of the American people believe the country is moving in the right direction, according to a recent New York Times / Siena College poll. The poll also found that 77 per cent of Americans (including 27 per cent of Democrats) believe the country is moving in the wrong direction. “There comes a time when it’d be the honorable thing for him just to simply turn it over to somebody else,” Prof Siracusa told Sky News Australia.


Obiden never fooled me, 81million idiots driving cars, it’s frightening.

“You can’t con people forever.” So true.


  1. U can’t fix stupid,no matter how hard u try,with these people. It didn’t work the first time,so let’s do it again, the same way,and watch the same outcome.genius idiots

  2. what do you mean cuspof failure? Biden and the democrats have completely and utterly failed in every single thing they have done since the start of the obama administration. biden is just the continuation of that utter failure.

    We had a brief renewal of america under trump and then right back into democrat failure.

    you would think people would learn but democrat voters are just stupid people.

  3. The cusp of disaster started the day the poopypants senile bastard stole the election. What the country is seeing is the results of a man who spent his whole life being a stupid worthless bag of shit.

  4. What is even more frightening is that he didn’t steal the election but was able to persuade ignorant, lazy, welfare sponges to get out there and win by a small margin FOR him in the southern and NE states and Californicate. He promised free everything from food, housing, health care , college and to install the marginal into positions of power as a payback, ie SCOTUS, Press secretary, etc… Notice anything that they ALL share? Yep, its payback time Sleepy Joe, but it is the last time you will get a chance to screw America. You didn’t steal the election with false ballots, you did it with false promises to sponges who hate tax paying Americans, but demand that we support their lazy as–s, so they thought they jumped on yet another gravy train, engineered by Joey and his “diverse” crew.


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