Biden ‘literally running away’ from reporters asking about ‘Armageddon’


‘The Five’ panelists discuss President Biden’s Thursday evening ‘Armageddon’ comments in response to Vladimir Putin’s latest threats of using nuclear weapons. #FoxNews #Fox #TheFive


Seems everything Trump warned about Biden is 100% correct and then some.

Everyone who voted for him, should have researched his 40 plus years in office of nothingness, especially in foreign policy!!!!!!!!


  1. Joe biden and tge democrats handling of Russia and putin has been a speculation failure.

    Remember the big talk about sanctions. They really worked! Putin turned around and froze the clintons, obamas, pelosi’s, schiff, and nedlars assets in Russia. Then he just smiled at the camera.

    Then biden trickled in arms to ukraine when he should have given them everything right off the bat and let the ukraine hand putin his ass three weeks into the war and then taken 50 miles of Russia away from putin.

    Democrats screw up everything they touch.

  2. The stupid poopypants old senile bastard is running to his bomb shelter. Too bad for the rest of the country that only has a tornado shelter at best.

  3. As I think we all know but many won’t admit is that Biden is the most inept president the U.S. has ever had. He makes Jimmy Carter look like Einstein. Recent history speaks for itself. Biden considers himself a great leader but refuses to accept responsibility for any of the things he’s totally screwed up. Mexican drug cartels now control our southern border. He predicted everything Russia was going to do to Ukraine. Now, he’s running his mouth about Taiwan. Biden not only considers himself a great leader, he obviously feels he’s a great wartime leader. He has violated his Presidential Oath time and again. He should not only be impeached he should be charged with HIGH TREASON and spend the rest of his life in prison. Biden is one of the most dangerous things that have happened to our country in many years.


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