WOKE WASHED Black Women Claim They’re Racist And IT’S NOT OK TO BE WHITE In RACIST Rant!



Let me get this straight,you fight racism by being a racist yourself,insane

One of my favorite lines I hear from black people is “you don’t know what it’s like to be black in America”. As if they have had it so hard here. Please! I’ve been a black man in America for 60 years and I know exactly what it’s like being black in America. Make right choices. Stay out of trouble. Go to work every day on time. Stop mouthing off at the police when they ask you for your license and registration. We look for someone else to blame for our problems and not our bad choices. Those fools need to get over themselves.


  1. Bankrupt the old usher in the new,hmmm sounds like the reason Hitler and Tojo Mussolini had to and were quite decisively defeated unfortunately the idea can’t be destroyed so we forget and don’t teach the past and Voila!!here we are.DUDA

  2. Un fucking believable!!!! Like I or anyone else has a choice of what color they are. That stupid narrow minded bitch should be ashamed of herself. I don’t even know what to say. Except she is stupid and narrow minded and I’m not saying that because she’s black. Just to name the first one that comes to mind I think Nancy Pelosi is a stupid narrow minded bitch too. This is exactly what I mean when I say it’s black people keeping racism alive and flourishing. With people like her maybe we all should be segregated so she gets what she wants and the rest of us don’t have to deal with her bigotry. I am white and that made me feel sympathy for black people who are just trying to live their lives in peace. She and those like her give black people a bad reputation. Just like the small percentage of white people who do the same. How about the HUMAN RACE, is that not ok too. This is how insanely stupid this is. Another question for you racist people of any color. If your child or family member was in a hospital with life threatening injuries or illness and only 1 doctor could save them, would it matter what color their skin was? If you say yes you’re a liar. But that’s just my opinion I could be wrong. Maybe it’s ok that you refuse to allow a white doctor to save your child’s life.

  3. Saw a real crime show about a beautiful black woman who was murdered out of jealousy by her boyfriends other lover. And before you say it white people do the same thing to each other. Anyway a young white detective was assigned to the case and the woman’s family (keep in mind black family) praised him on how dedicated and considerate he was in solving this terrible crime. So you see not all white people are alike just like all black or any other are not alike. I say if you’re going to judge others by the color of their skin or by what name they call their god you deserve any racism that comes back to you. We reap what we sow.

  4. There are some American Indians who will say the backs are just as responsible for stealing American Indian land as the whites are. After all, after the Civil War was over the blacks were offered a free ride back to Africa and some did go but not all. Plus, the Army had 2 all black units that made war against the American Indians. If any group of people that has a right to be bitter about the past, it’s the American Indians, not the blacks.

  5. U are so right Wilddog. If anyone deserves reparations, it is Native Americans. The whiteman killed their food source, the bison, then killed many indians, which would piss any people off,fighting to survive.They were rounded up on death marches,to be moved to land that can even grow anything,or produce food. In these movements,to unspeakable, lands that no one could survive on. These reservations across the US, most don’t even have running water indoors,homes falling apart,that can hardly be lived in, they can’t afford to fix them.They freeze to death in the winter,because their is no heat,starve because of lack of food.The young/older children don’t have the greatest education,for lack of money,and schools.My wife was native american,had a great marriage and life for 45 yrs,blessed by the Lord,she was an Angel on earth.Helping others all the time,she was a healer,and people came from miles around,for help of one thing or another. Though she is gone, she is far from forgotten,I feel her spirit, so she is still watching over us.Her job wasn’t finished here on earth,so I’m trying to do my best, to help others like she from the day I met her.She made me jealous and angry at times,because she always was helping other people,I couldn’t understand it,until she helped me find the Lord,everything changed. I have been helping the native Americans for 5 yrs, a dozen different organizations acroos the plains,but they need alot more help, than I can do,so I hope others will help them also. So if kalifornia is dishing millions to african americans, then they ought to do the same for every native american tribe,that is bearly making ends meet.I would like to start a go=fund=me to help,but I don’t know how to do it.Help if u can.


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