Why I Am Now Very Skeptical of COVID Vaccines


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to journalist and host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” Megyn Kelly about why she finds school mask mandates the most disturbing of the culture war fights; what parents can learn from Glenn Youngkin’s victory; how Randi Weingarten has overplayed her hand with the teacher’s union; why she now considers herself very skeptical of the COVID vaccine; what we are beginning to learn about COVID vaccine risks; and why she’s concerned about the COVID vaccine’s side effects on the immune system.


Still haven’t been jabbed for Covid. Not even once. Been living my life normally for 2 years now and I haven’t even been sick. I went through a pregnancy and had a baby in that time as well and I’m as healthy as ever. By the media’s standards, though, I should be dead.

I’m saddened to learn Ms. Kelly was proud that we came up with a vaccination so quickly… that defies scientific inquiry.. And to even say that the first vaccination was efficacious also makes no sense to me given the preponderance of evidence to the contrary.


  1. The “jab” has left me permanently handicap. I cannot walk 100′. I get so exhausted that I need a nap. I can forget ever playing golf again or taking a walk in the mountains or a park or even around the outside of my house!! And sometimes there is much pain.
    I am retired and had a part-time job that I walked around 20,000 steps a day before the jab. I spent the first 3 weeks unable to even lay down or sit in a lounge chair because of the pain. I had to sit in a kitchen chair and put a pillow on the kitchen table for me to lay my head on in order to rest.

  2. I got the Jabs at the behest of my Doctor wayyy back when the CCP-FAUCI Bio-weapon was first released,…. since then it has come to light that The Vaccine is Ineffective has numerous side Effects Does NOT stop the spread, and THEY HAVE NO TIME TO TEST FOR SAFETY,…. And the latest is that they are including it in the flu-shot,…. Well I guess at nearly 70,…. I gotta go sometime,…. I hope My wife Washes the Tractors after use,…. And does not have to eat the horse or Donkeys,…. Personally though I plan to keep working as long as possible,…. I’m going for the Biblical 120 years,…. Raising my sheep and cows,…. Growing hay,…. AND VOTING Republican,….

  3. I have never taken any of the killer shots and will not take the flu shot. If it is classified as a vaccine then I am not taking it. My trust in having a healthy immune system far out weigh the bs we have for our medical systems that threw away their hippocratic oath for government policies. They should all be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity. As soon as they started pushing a untested vaccine I started looking and listening to those the government and media wanted to silence. My husband wouldn’t listen to me and has gotten all the shots and last year had a cancerous spot dhow up by his trachea and lung. The oncologists didn’t have a clue where the cancer came from whether it was lung related or from prostate where he has been managing from cancer since 2009. They ended up saying they believed it was from the prostate. They radiated that spot away only for another to show up, which he just finished getting radiation for. Next month another scan to make sure the cancer is gone and no other spots have shown up. He just got the last booster killer shot and flu shot. I am betting (but hope not) that more cancerous spots show up. He is 81 so who knows how long this will last. I am close to 71 and in pretty good health but I don’t live at the medical centers either. I take the necessary supplements and rarely get sick. Maybe a cold once a year.

  4. Before the vaccine I had a cousin (70) who lived with his wife and a daughter. The daughter caught Covid and got over it. He caught it (presumably from her) and died. His brother caught it and died several months later. I was contacted from the VA and told to report for the vaccine. I reported and got the first shot. Not long after I was contacted for the second Pfizer shot. I was still working and really didn’t want to retire, but found myself tiring out, and one day decided I just couldn’t do it anymore. A few years ago the VA told me I had A-Fib and congestive heart failure, high blood pressure. I spent a couple weeks down there at different times. Well, I didn’t even think about that when they brought me down for the vaccine shots. But after I took them, I later started reading about people losing strength, heart problems and death. I decided against the boosters. I also wondered if they even checked my medical background, or if they just brought us in like cattle and did the jab? We have a small yard, and it take’s all my strength to mow the thing! Funny thing is, our government know’s who hit us with this and Fentanyl and those now in power don’t mention it and we deal with them when we should stop the entire world from any type of trade. They are laughing about those 107,000 that died from Fentanyl and the millions that died from Covid. They have too many people anyway. The more we send them money, the bigger they build their military and in the open state they are out for world domination. Those in-charge of us are filling their pockets and could care less about “We The People”. I will remember that in November. I still have enough strength to drive to the polls.


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