Transgender Flight Attendant Commits Suicide Exposing Radical Gender Ideology Lies



What really odd, is when they are totally excepted by family, friends and co workers, they no longer feel special. No more lime light. Now they just have to live life as the rest of us do. Thats when they start having the most issues. They become just another person.

A good friend of mine had a daughter that decided as a teen to “transition” to being a pseudo-male. Just recently self-cancelled at age 24. Was surrounded by approval & support, not bullying. Didn’t matter. What you say is true- the underlying cause is the mental illness of someone being so truly unhappy with the reality of what that person is. Tragic.


  1. For all the liberals who want to pretend differently, over 40% of transgenders attempt suicide.

    Let that set in! Yeah sure, it is not a mental disease.

    What to buy a bridge?

  2. There is nothing sad about these confused gendered freaks committing suicide it is doing America a favor it’s a shame more of them do not follow suit

    • I agree it’s a mental disorder and it’s one thing if the person wants and seek out help, but for those who insist on living their faggot fantasy life and insist everyone else accept them and even join them, those kind should be wiped off the face of the earth. They’ll never change.

  3. People commit suicide every day for one reason or another this thing probably killed itself because no one cared that it was a trans

  4. Before u do something u might regret. Seek counseling, talk to someone with a brain,not a trans. Messing, with what GOD made u, can have very devastating consequences, like not liking what u did.Think before u act.Hard to change back,to what u didn’t like?

  5. It seems to me (I have no data, just personal observations) that homosexuals commit suicide less than trannys. Anyone else get that same sense?


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