This is a grave problem for the Biden family: Miranda Devine


Fox News contributor Miranda Devine weighs in on potential charges against President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and says there is more to the story.


The federal bureau of investigation should be under “federal investigation” as well.

God bless Miranda Devine she has been on this from the very beginning


  1. Tiresome investigation after another and investigations aren’t cheap if they couldn’t get the Clintons then no one needs to worry

  2. How long does it take to charge a criminal for these charges,especially when they lead right to the big guy.It’s time to arrest, the whole hidenbiden criminal cartel family.The proof is in the pudding, like airhead,joe said.More dirty dealings come out every day,including the first hand witness,Bobulinsky, arrest now.

  3. Okay, it was reported this morning that the White House has hired 2 high-rolling legal teams at around a starting cost of $246,000 that will roll much higher to defend Hunter. But here’s the problem: “We The People” are paying the tab???? WTF? Bad enough that we bought the Security Fence around his beach-pad for $500,000, around this $1.8 Million house? What lucky “Jim-Bob” in Sussex County, DE got that deal, and how much change was leftover??? Why are we paying legal fees for Bribem’s corruption, and what about the real crimes, Bobulinski was shunned at the FB-Lie, and it’s all on the laptop! These are the minor things, not corruption compromising and selling the Oval Office for a family scam making $Millions. And they want us to pay the tab: One Word: NOVEMBER!

  4. Let us surmise that for far too many decades America and Americans have NOT had a “government of by and for the people!” It is a (non)government comprised of corrupt narcissists interested only in ENRICHING themselves. And, “We The Stupid Serfs” continue to elect and re-elect the same criminals, therefore, we actually do have “The Government We Deserve!”


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