Jim Jordan Sounds Alarm On ‘rot’ In FBI: ‘You Can’t Stop This Kind Of Behavior’


Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan says he still has ‘real concerns’ on China’s influence following recent meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook. #FoxNews


Just remove the FBI and DOJ leaders and investigate them. Return them if innocent and jail them if not. DO IT TODAY!

The fisa court needs to be completely ended. Also the f b i. These things are beyond repair.


  1. I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of the FBI’s mouth especially those not coming forward to the corruption . and those that follow Wray’s orders to go after parents and those that went after those that participated in Jan.6th after they admitting embedding their Hoodlums into the protest and started the riots . Those are the ones that need locked up , not the ones that had to lie to get a reduced sentence from Pelosi’s criminal committee

  2. Yup the fbi, Cia, and doj needs to be completely defunded, everyone fired and then start over again with new rules including making it a treasonous act is must be punished by no less then life in prison and up to the death penalty for any government paid person to lie to the public whether intentional or not. Then make a second law that says no government paid person may claim the 5th in any testimony. Further if they say they don’t remember then they are immediately fired and can not be rehired in any government job.

  3. The corruption in the FBI began long before comey and struzk ,but when ? Wray is involved along with the higher up’s.get rid of the clicks,start polygraphing each agent at least twice a month would be a good start and begin with random testing using outside examiners.Thorough investigating individuals and prosecute the liars.

  4. I don’t think firing everyone will do the job. I think you fire all the heads of the various departments that show tendencies to not go by the Constitution or existing laws that are legal laws not going against the Consitution. Cut off the head and the snake dies.

  5. Rotten to the core and no longer a law enforce agency to be respected!!Only a left wing treasonous body and will be seen as that!! Who cares what they say, only a threat to law abiding citizens!!!! Keep your guns and keep them loaded hoping never have to use but will if approached!!

  6. Biden/Harris is tearing our nation apart all we can do is watch. The Democratic leaders refuse to help Americans. Why !is their hate that huge!They are in charge . Republican’s don’t have a vote. everything is on Biden/Harris.


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