Jim Carrey & Alyssa Milano Have PSYCHOTIC Twitter Breakdowns!


Hollywood celebrities are crumbling under Elon Musk’s new Twitter purchase. You’ll want to watch these meltdowns!


Jim Carrey was one of my favorite actors from the past, and his movies (dumb as they are) still hold a place in my heart. It’s a shame the real him turned out crazy.

I used to love Jim Carrey because he was always such a weirdo. Now he’s the bad kind of weirdo and its just sad.


  1. I always thought Jim Carrey was a brain dead psycho with some comic talent. Now I know he’s just a brain dead psycho with no talent.

  2. It is said hundreds of Times a day that Liberal-social-Demonrat beliefs are an Independent mental illness, for which there is generally no cure,…. these two are walking talking proof of that statement,….liberal democrats are mentally Ill,….

  3. Jim Carrey was never funny. He was just one if thise silly over the top reaction people.

    Jimmy Carrey is like John Depp in pirates of tge Caribbean with three more shots in him and so speed on board. Not funny just pathetic.

    His response to Twitter is just like him.

  4. I never cared for him! NEVER thought he was funny, instead I thought he was just silly! Then after his gf died, I despised him even more since he supposedly gave her his pills. Disgusting human being!

  5. I can’t stand Alyssa either!! Not surprised she went on the view or that they asked her to come on! Why can’t these so called actors keep their opinions to themselves! Oh, I know, they need to try to stay relative! But, she hasn’t done hardly anything since she was on WHO’s the Boss!!

  6. Sad to watch my 24 yr old daughter left behind to struggle. You name it, If it’s associated with lupus she has it. Government doesn’t even cover rent. She tries so damn hard to work and just live a normal life. More than anybody else I know. The vultures & government keep taking and taking.


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