FBI Boss Left in Shock After Josh Hawley Brings out HARD EVIDENCE against him



The greatest threat the USA has ever faced is this Administration, and today’s Democrat party in general.

I will have faith in the government, when I see those that have lied and broke the law held accountable!!!!!


  1. Wray is total incompetent,corrupt,FBI head, just like dirty, top cop, comey.He needs to be removed and the FBI needs to be dismantled.

  2. Criminals have absolutely taken over the USA, I’m not blaming the Dems or the GOP. Just a couple days ago an illegal migrant killed an entire family of four, {3 adults & 1 baby} in California a sanctuary state, with no capital punishment (no death penalty). Our taxes have to feed this bastard for the next 20 years, and he will probably be set free for good behavior, if a crooked politician enters a plea. God help us all

      • You are no-doubt correct from what we see happening. A real President would have put the 82nd Abn, 3 Ranger Bats, 101st Abn and Marines on that border with “shoot to kill illegal invaders when they touched our soil, when Mexico refused to stop it on their side. As they are now winning, killing 107,000 Americans in the past year with Fentanyl from Chyna and made into “as recently” Halloween Candy for our kids. But this guy had to get in office by “hook or crook” because the deals they made using the greatest son on earth, “Hunter”, and they are now spending $246,000+ of our tax money to defend his minor tax problem, not touching the laptop that the FB-Lie is hiding in the evidence locker.

  3. Born in Montana. Alaska was my last home in the US. Honorable discharge from Navy. But I’ve lost hope and left the US. After fighting to stop communism I’ll be damned if I’ll live in a nation governed by them so back in SE Asia


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