EXPOSED: The Next Phase of the Left’s War Against Christians


Churches, people of faith, and religious institutions are under attack from all directions: the media, street activists, and perversions within the church itself. But now, Christians are fending off a government openly hostile to them for practicing the First Amendment. The FBI is making moves on pro-life activists — at GUNPOINT — even though the non-violent cases are over a year old. Meanwhile, where are the FBI arrests for the violent pro-abortion members of Jane’s Revenge? Where are the FBI indictments for the over 170 attacks on Catholic targets since May 2020? There is a sinister left-wing agenda at play, and Glenn exposes it and the false prophets leading the way. “Church and state” has been warped into “state VERSUS the church,” and all signs point to continued escalation. Glenn explains why the government is intent on making extremists out of peaceful pro-lifers, like Paul Vaughn — another Christian “extremist” arrested by lethal force with his children watching. Paul faces up to 11 years in prison but tells Glenn why he won’t back down from his faith.


It’s sad that most people will site the separation of church and state when they feel threatened by the Church. Yet completely ignore the fact the separation of church and state was meant to keep the state from bullying the church.

Andy Stanley and all of his satellite “churches” here in Atlanta is as woke as it gets. My wife and I were participating members for about 5 years, volunteering anytime the church had needs. After the BLM riots started all of his churches started preaching about white privilege and how its real and we whites should apologize. Their libraries have pro LGBTQP books that are written for children. My wife, in particular was most heart broken when we could no longer go there as she has been attending church her entire life. If you live in the Atlanta area or are thinking about joining any of their online campuses beware, God is NOT at any of them!


  1. There is nothing new under the Sun (Son). People (parent’s) have been giving up their children to the Governments Pagan god’s for centuries. The blood of aborted children are on their hands and any Church that does not resist this horrific practice (abortion the radical lefts Golden calf) is just as guilty.

  2. Satan’s plan is to first, corrupt the churches, the demonize the Christians so no one will attend a Christian church. Then force people to take the mark of the beast, which the dummycrats will easily be suckered into taking, then economically ruin the Christians. Be ready for the rapture or you’ll have to take the mark of the beast or starve to death.


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