Donald Trump claims ‘corrupt’ FBI and DOJ controlled by ‘sinister and evil outside forces’


Donald Trump has excoriated the “totally corrupt” Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice after the raid on his Florida home, as he warns both institutions are being told what to do by “sinister and evil outside sources”.


its scary, almost everything he said and warned us about came true, and so many people ignored him. bring back trump

He’s not exactly wrong. But they’ll investigate themselves and clear themselves of all wrong doing.


  1. I can see the Obamas foot print all over this Bill and Hillary are too stupid for anything this complex Harris wasn’t picked for her scruples as she has none Biden is a parasite with a necktie //

  2. It would be easier to believe that “outside” influence was the problem. If and when government agencies seem to take the blindfold off of lady liberty, justice is hard to find.
    I went to ( and found the following quote:
    “Why is the lady of justice blindfolded? Haven’t you ever wondered why the lady of justice is often depicted wearing a blindfold?
    Well, if you ever wondered why our lady of justice is depicted in this manner, then here is your opportunity to know.

    The statue of our lady of justice or Lady Justice is always seen wearing a blindfold, and this has been going on for several centuries now. The blindfold covering the eyes of lady justice represents objectivity. This means that justice is objective. When you are blind, you cannot see a person’s identity, beauty, wealth, power, race, etc. And this is how justice is supposed to be; it should be blind.
    The blindfold that the lady of justice wears on her eyes represents the fact that justice is blind. And as a result of that justice is delivered in an objective and an impartial manner.
    In addition to her blindfold, the lady of justice is also often depicted carrying a set of scales and a double-edged sword in her hand. The statues of the Lady Justice can be found in courts all over the world…”

    What I see, may or may not be what you see. Take your best look at what evidence is revealed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


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