The SHOCKING Reason There’s Still 620,000 Uncounted Ballots in Arizona



Katie Hobbs should NOT have been ALLOWED to oversee this election. That needs to be addressed when Kari Lake becomes Governor.

This is like a judge being able to over see his own criminal trial, this is an obvious problem that needs addressed!!


  1. (1)This is the SECOND federal election affected by Dominion voting systems problems,….(2)This also the Second federal Election Affected by Katie Hobbs,…. (3) and three Katie Hobbs should have Been Recused being as she was a Candidate and has An Obvious conflict of Interest,….(4) Combine Dominion, Hobbs, easy manipulation and (3) conflicts of interest, Hobbs being both an airhead, Democrat, and a candidate in the race and Of course you are going to have problems !
    Are folks in Arizona so Obtuse as to not see these things ???
    Over in Texas we tabulated the votes of 26 million folks as they Occured, printed paper results ballots That voters could see And verify to their satisfaction, in their hand and Then tabulated them into the tally before they even left the polls, so we have the tally Tape, and the count Tape as well as the actual ballots for three way verification!,. now of course we have about the same participation rate as other states so all 26 million did not vote, but we had the actual voters and votes tallied very very quickly, in real time actually in each precinct, but they cannot be reported to the elections board until the polls close as the machines Cannot get online, so we hand carry the machines and the sealed bag with the actual paper ballot to the county seat, where it is entered into the official elections tally by a judge, If there is a protestation it will be easy to recount and verify against the actual polling tape, and the Tabulator tape,…. A damned sight more voters and many days faster than Arizona, More secure as well,…. Further Evidence of Problems with voting in Arizona !

  2. Call me a sore loser if you want to – but it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – it’s a duck. Anyone that thinks the last two elections weren’t messed with in the Democrats favor – are brain dead.


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