If Warnock Is This Radical, He Shouldn’t Be A Pastor Of A Church Whatsoever.


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich joined ‘Hannity’ to discuss the Senate races in Georgia and Pennsylvania. #foxnews #hannity


Keep it up Walker. Need one or more seats for senate majority.

As usual, the media and politicians confusing Rhetoric with Manipulation (lying, dis/mis-information). Politicians and Officials do and say things for one of two reasons only: Incompetence or Corruption


  1. It seems that any questionable quote I wanted to check out to see what he said and what the statements defending Warnock were, have been removed and blocked on the internet censors. The only way to address the hate issues I heard is to examine “WWJD”. What would Jesus do?
    There are many kinds of religious leaders. Not all who call themselves “Christian” fit the Bible image of those who teach the actual doctrines of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. Some of the references to “Christian” leaders are: preacher / teacher / pastor / bishop / shepherd / brethren / brother / sister / father / clergy / cleric / minister / reverend / readers / practitioners; I am sure there are other titles for un-Christian leaders and their followers. What everyone seeking to follow Jesus needs to remember is that “sin” is what separates us from God. Our example and God’s promised “Christ” was Jesus. His apostles, teachers and preachers were told to spread his teachings: (KJV- Matthew 28:20)”Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.”
    Christian leaders and followers should both refer to the primary reference to How Jesus was born, lived, taught how we should live, died to cover our sin, resurrected and ascended and is now before the Father’s throne advocating for us. How Christians “believe” and teach, should be informed by what Jesus and his Apostles have been and are teaching us through scriptures they left for us. If hate for others due to color is being taught as gospel, their teaching is not Christian. We must abhor (hate, despise) evil, if we are to serve God. If this is what Warnock teaches, he should openly and publicly apologize for his racism. He should be certain in his black / white are references to good and evil rather than racist teachings as some declare him to be teaching.

  2. As a somewhat generic answer to the question of Warnock and if he should be a pastor, I have the following. As Republicans, we call some a RINO meaning Republican In Name Only. So I guess that maybe Warnock is a PINO.


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