DO YOU PLAN TO REMOVE THEM?’ Matt Gaetz STRIKES DOWN Mayorkas With SH0CKING Claim… Wins The Floor



Anyone who arrogantly and blatently defies our laws and does not honor and abide by their oath of office (which is a civil crime) should be immediately removed from their position with prejudice and all beneifits be immediately terminated. Mayorkas and his smug demeanor is absolutely loathsome and pure evil. If there is some reason why congress cannot remove him and terminate all of his benefits, they should pass a bill that would allow it ASAP. I have had enough of this monumental waste of taxpayer money with these incompetent and arrogant lawbreakers like Mayorkas and the was of time and tax dollars with hearings where not a single question is direclty answered. They should be able to compel them to answer questions and if not put them in a cell until they do!

Thank you for saying what the people of America want to say. Get these people out of our country!


  1. I’m from El Paso, Tx and I am sick of watching these ILLEGAL ALIENS just cross over every day with just a skip. I don’t watch the news anymore and haven’t for a longtime. These people are treated with respect more than us citizens. Sheltering, feeding, helping them any way they can. Can’t go anywhere without running into them. And they still complain about their so called “situations.” Mayorkas should be in prison or deported along with them. BTW, they are NOT immigrants they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. They should send MOST of them to Biden’s house and state. My way of thanking biden is FK you biden!

  2. Texas——–Biden’s policies will lead to a 9-11 terrorist incident in a major Texan City and America.

    VOTE the Marxist Democrats out at every state and federal level!

    MAGA 2024

  3. Isn’t Mayjrka$$ originally from Cuba? Maybe this is why he fails to perform his job protecting the American citizens. Impeach him, put him in court and find him guilty of Dereliction of Duty, endangering the citizens and actively part of a conspiracy to overthrow our country, by helping to organize said conspiracy, bringing banditoes, MS-13, Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs that have now killed a couple hundred thousand Americans. Send him back to Cuba. Cabo-San Gitmo, with other conspirators!


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