Americans Are Going To Pay The Price For This


‘The Big Sunday Show’ panelists react to findings from the Joint Committee on Taxation’s claiming that the Manchin-Schumer reconciliation bill would raise taxes. #foxnews


Manchin goes from the GOAT democrat to just another tax and spend democrat.

Lets face it, Manchin took the money under the table.


  1. It’s clear Manchin plans on retiring from the senate after this term is up. Only a brain dead idiot would vote for him, now.

  2. I told everyone of these news outlets months ago That Manchin is a two face liar and thief!! I am a WV. of 75 years and this guy and his family have always suckered DUMB WEST VIRGINIANS! His uncle A.J lost “lol”$83,000,000 in the state treasury when he was the SECRATARY OF STATE ” and got by with it by just saying “i do not know where it is” Manchin follow’s in his uncles foot steps! Always rides the fence then fall on the Demonic Democrat side!!! I am not a Yellow back Republican but a American Patriot Party, 1 of 74,000,000 Plus that has had enough!!! I was a Democrat for 42 years, in Wv. until the party and idiots like Manchin took over!! He has always let the miner and West Virginia down! I hope stupid West Virginians wake up and clean house with ousting this crook and everyone in his family!! It was a start when we went big for Trump!! 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots that have had enough, Red, Yellow, Black, White ready to save what is left of America “NOW” WHAT EVER IT TAKES!!!


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