Woke Twitter Employees BEG Elon Musk Not to FIRE Them!!!



I think Elon should give them the same consideration they gave Conservatives. FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!

Twitter employees: We demand to be treated how we refused to treat our customers.


  1. Hopefully he fires everyone of these scumbags,they have treated more than half of the citizens of this country like crap from day one. I’am sure there’s plenty of woke companies that would be happy to hire these loosers!

  2. I would not only fire them but I would even prevent these bums from getting unemployment checks. Then anyone who calls for a reference say every rotten thing I can think of to describe these worthless overpaid shitbags.

  3. Fire them all, in the future they will sue you and claim you did something for them but the truth will expose their scheme and lies like demoncrats.

  4. I do believe these folks have done more harm in the socio-political Arena than they realize, even cho bai din who is pretty tough to best in the “turnining things to Crap” category has not been as bad for this arena as folks LIKE the twitter crowd, and Not just twitter, google and their blocked or redirected Email for politicians, Recaptcha and their Eliminated content on voter polling, other platforms and their eliminated/curtailed comments sections, Main stream media and blocking content they do not agree with is beginning to wake up to the FACT that they are losing customers due to Political Bias,…. well maybe after a few of these folks lose homes and autos because they are unemployed, and cannot meet the finances flipping burgers and bagging groceries, they will begin to understand, THEY AND THEIR FEEWINGTH are NOT the be-all, End-all, and all that screaming has proven their Idiocy, not their self-Importence

    • If these folks were actually Important,…. they would be Employers and not Employees,…. and as Employees they are subject to firing for costing the boss/company too much money,…. I mean really? a wine bar,…. a luxury cafeteria ? hmmmm I wonder if I can install some of that on my horse before I go riding fence?,….Is there room on the tractor for a big-screen, can I Install a ticker so I can track how badly cho is screwing up the Economy,…. and the discussion pods?,…. we go out back and the guy not fired is probably right and the guy with all the bruises and cuts Probably is Not the winner.

  5. Let this be a lesson to all woke companies! Your bosses will sell you out in a heartbeat if they get an offer like the current scumbags got; 37 millions in severance pay???

  6. Remember that Twitter scumbag Jack Dorsey. He has been laying low since all this has happened. I wish those liars could all be sued for all they are worth.


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