Press Stunned When Joe Biden Responds to Elon Musk Question with a Threat



It was obvious he was against Musk when he had a meeting with electric car producers but failed to invite Tesla.

oh how quickly they went from “twitter is a pvt. platform and can do what they want” to “OMG elon bought twitter, he cant do that, INVESTIGATE!!!!!!”


  1. A threat from a poopypants senile stupid man who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paperbag? LOL!!!!! Bring it on, pussy Biden.

  2. I hate to break it to Biden but the ONLY thing that needs investigating is the Biden CRIME family. As for foreign interests, what about him, his son and brother??? China, Ukraine, South America, etc… Ring any bell, Joe??

  3. Biden, all Democrats, Yellow back Republicans RINO’S are total idiots and in it for themselves not America and we have to get rid of them!! BUT Dumb – ASS Americans are not smart enough according to this last election, to do that “YET””!! I AM 1 of 74,000,000 PLUS AMERICAN PATRIOTS, ULTRA MAGAN that “are” smart enough!! Lets take them to the train station and out of town now, to save America while there is something to SAVE!!! THIS GENERATION OF UNGODLY PEOPLE AMAZE ME WITH THEIR FOLLOWING SATAN DOWN THE ROAD OF DESTRUCTION! SATAN INDOCTRINATED BY PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND COLLEGE!!

  4. James, Those in the northern parts of the country will long remember how they voted when it get’s cold. But MaGoo told them it’s because of Putin, LOL! Almost sound’s like “Russia, Russia, Russia”. And how true was that? Things the Republicans need to stop first: Invasion at southern border. Stop cash theft going to “Green Lie” he’s promised at a clip of $11Billion a year!! This actually goes to New World Order and “no doubt” most will go to private accounts. Then can this windmill, solar panel and electric car BS. Maybe we should go back to wearing sabots (wooden shoes), save the cows. No leather and turn vegan? Oh, can’t do that, we’ll kill all the trees! All is BS! Start pumping and “Make America Great Again”.

  5. If Musk wants to buy Twitter and has the money to do it what business is it of Biden? He says perhaps Musk’s business deal should be investigated. How about investigating Hunter Biden’s deals with Ukraine or China, or perhaps both? It’s so obvious that his daddy is involved it ain’t funny and could easily have a serious effect on our national security. Joe Biden has proven himself time and again to be a corrupt crooked politician with absolutely no conscience who with his open border policy has committed treason and should spend the rest of his life in prison.


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