Media Makes Shocking Reversal, Admitting This Biden Scandal Is True | Direct Message | Rubin Report


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Joe Biden’s growing Hunter Biden laptop scandal; Biden caught lying to Peter Doocy’s face; CBS News admitting they got the Hunter Biden laptop story completely wrong after calling it a Russian disinformation campaign; Margaret Brennan and Gayle King being frustrated that Mike Pence doesn’t say what they want him to say about Donald Trump; Anand Giridharadas telling MSNBC that billionaires should not exist because of the actions of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos; mainstream media trying to create a narrative that the Colorado nightclub shooting is the fault of Republicans; MSNBC’s Joy Reid trying to normalize drag queen story hour; NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny blaming Libs of TikTok and Tucker Carlson for the Colorado shooting; GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis defending drag queen story hour; Frank Figliuzzi thinking that Lauren Boebert and Tucker Carlson could be partially responsible for the shooting; CNN’s Jake Tapper refusing to believe Hakeem Jeffries spin on the midterm election; and much more.


I live in Australia and we knew it was real!!! The way Trump was treated was atrocious.

In poker we look for player tells. Biden’s tell is that he gets aggressive whenever he is lying, or spreading misinformation.


  1. A democrats / liberals/ progressives lie all the time. There is never any honest with those people.

    Compared to any of them trump has never lied in his life.

    It makes me luagh when they say there is no voter fraud. Cheating is standard operating procedure for them

  2. let start from Bill and Hillary Clinton .. they lied from even before they got away from arkansas. and then HILLARY.. O.M.G.. has she ever told the truth..
    Obama .. not only did he lie, but this is far beyond any reasoning, taking two daughters from another lair, to make belief they were theirs. and then Mike Obama, with his hardon shows thru the dress he was wearing making belief he was a woman, DISGUSTING, PERVERSE, DEPRAVE, DIRTY, OSAMA BARRACK OBAMA IS A FAGGOT, AND MIKE OBAMA IS A MAN DRESSED AS A WOMAN MAKING BELIEF HE WAS THE FIRST LADY, and people STILL, believes their lies. and another thing Osama Barrack is not american, there is no name Osama in the U.S. as citizen. his brother told the truth. and now … Joe Biden that for 50 years has been laying all the way to the white house, and what has he done thru all those years, STEAL, THIS WHOLE BIDEN FAMILY ARE CROOKS WHOM HAVE TAKEN MONEY FROM EVERY COUNTRY AS HILLARY USED TO SAY .. “”PAY FOR PLAY””.. AND CHINA PAID, AND MANY OTHERS. IT IS NOT UNUSUAL THAT DEMOCRATS ARE LAIR, FRAUD, DISHONEST, PURE PERVERSITY, LIKE MANY IN HIS CABINET, THAT ARE FAGGOTS LAYING .. AND THEY ARE STILL COMING..

  3. THE ARIZONA ELECTIONS CAN NOT BE CERTIFIED. THERE MOST BE A NEW ELECTION, IT IS VERY CLEAR THE FRAUD THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE CERTIFIED. SAME IN PENNSYLVANIA, and others, this midterms election are totally a fraud by democrats, it is the only way they win. too bad Republican do not try to play the same rules, we would have double the amount of citizens voting. where are the regulations for voting, it must be one rule for every state and one day .. the world laughs at us.

  4. of course the MSM has to retract their lies. they stood behind a demonRAT and never thought about the fact his mouth was moving hence he was lying,…. of course there ARE some demonRATs that do not lie, but they have been dead hundreds of years.

  5. LAWYERS HAVE TAKEN THE WHOLE WORLD OVER, JUDGES ARE LAWYERS, no other way to say the truth but that lawyers have taken and running the world (Greed, corruption), to late, nothing now can change that, they have the power grip…REMEMBER, GOD LOVES YOU,

  6. If his lips,china,joe or any dumbocraps, lips are moving, we know their lying. They lie,cheat,steal,kill because they don’t know any better,isn’t that sad for the world.


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