‘Look, [Kamala Harris] Was A Talentless Person When She Came From California.’: Patrick Dorinson



He is 100% accurate! We the People should be talking very loudly about the elephant in the room! ❤️

No position in this so-called administration requires talent.


  1. Hey——–she is the poster child for identity politics. You can thank Obama for her. Obama leveraged Creepy Joe over the black vote

    • ”And you are a red neck”

      Name calling says a ton about you but nothing about your target.

      Care to try again?

  2. Now don’t ever say Harris has no talent. She was a big porno star when she was working her way up the political ladder. She was NEVER elected to anything. But she did wear out several pairs of knee pads.

    • “But she did wear out several pairs of knee pads.”

      True. My understanding is that she was Willie Smith’s squeeze. It was that association which put Kamala in position to attain higher office.

      In other words, Kamala Harris slept her way to to the ”top.” Biden picked her because she’d make even him look smart in comparison.

      The truth is that both of them are vapid.

  3. It does not matter talent or no talent she is the vice president and if we have respect for our country we have respect for her! The labour party in England comprised of winners with no education but they successfult governed the country!

    • ”It does not matter talent or no talent she is the vice president and if we have respect for our country we have respect for her!”

      What a silly argument. An administration that puts us in a needless proxy war with nuclear Russia; gives our energy independence away, gives the Taliban 85 billion dollars worth of our prime military gear, and won’t secure our Southern border doesn’t deserve respect, it deserves derision. Kamala happens to be the most empty-headed of this crew.

      Biden’s administration is the most corrupt and vapid crew I’ve seen since GW Bush’s administration, the same one which invaded Iraq over non-existent WMD.

  4. Harris cannot even Read the cue cards made for her to say. She can make a disaster out of any speech And say nothing. Sometimes I really believe she is mentally touched. If you know what I mean?

  5. Trans people are God’s children too!!’ If you hate them, hate God for making all of us different!!! If it pleases the almighty to make you the way you are do not regret it! I was like you before until I sought God in prayer and I understand now! Leave them alone!!!


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