IMPEACHMENT Calls SURGE As Biden Caught In MASSIVE Corruption Scandal!!!



The Republicans need a backbone, start with impeachment and start with criminal charges.

He is beyond incompetent. He is traitor now. So according to the sources he close Keystone Pipeline and took those reserves and sold it to Chinese company that was connected to his son. That is beyond incompetent. That is traitor.


  1. It must seem very strange to joe biden making all those oversea trips now an not making money for the biden family, too much active press now to hid Hunter in the back room, cutting those family enrichment plans. If you have noticed he has very little to say, or do, and seems to wonder about, and is even unsure why he is there, yet, keeps trying to shake hands with some invisible man. He is a total embarrassment to our Nation, our Allie, the peace policies Trump negotiated.

  2. Get over it conservatives, you ain’t touching ole joe or the clintons. They out smarted you folks years ago. Trump was an anomaly that ain’t never going to happen again. He was compromised by promoting the deadly ‘jabs’ for political gain. He’s one of them. Start over and work harder, like the liberals did and are doing.

    • Hey blubberbutt, YOU get over it. Poopypants senile Joe is a stupid pile of worthless shit, just like you are. And liberals NEVER work, they’re all on welfare like you are, chubby.

    • You need a sanitation flush, when you start calling Trump one of those you are way off the mark. Stop smoking that crap and let more oxygen get to your brain.

    • It is amazing how you libs are enjoying watching the country that gave you such a nice life being destroyed by an old man that doesn’t know the world is laughing at him. You like $5.00 gas? How about $10.00? And what about all the families that don’t have an extra $3,000.00 to spend on necessities that are going higher every day. I hope that you are suffering as much as everyone else. At least we were thriving and happy under Trump. Now everyone is struggling and miserable under Brandon.

    • That’s a joke! Every time Democrats are in big trouble, someone like you makes false claims. Joe Biden, et al., are going down in flames!

  3. Fat Boyz , he won by fraud its coming out. So you get over it. and hey I invited Clinton to come to my house to have a conversation and she wouldn’t, because she can’t face someone that has follwed her corruption from day one. We have names for people like her and it isn’t just chicken

  4. I don’t understand why Joe Biden has any authority to speak on behalf of the American people. He’s been in office for one and a half years and all he has done is screw up our country. Every time he opens his mouth he inserts his foot. To: The politicians in Washington DC, wake up and do what your being paid for. We would like to enjoy our lives as much as the well to do can on a daily basis. Get Joe and his ideas out of office and make sure that his socialist friends go too. You are pushing your luck with the American people and I feel certain if you continue running our country into the ground you’re gonna find that the people will show their strength in numbers.

    • This is actually Obama’s third term. Remember not long ago, Obama visited the White House, and everyone ignored Biden and he’s on camera walking around in a daze and being steadfastly ignored? Even that last press person accidentally admitted everyone on the Biden staff enjoyed working for Obama. She corrected herself, but it was a true Freudian slip. Truth just rushed out of her mouth!

  5. Harris is saving the good wine until she takes over, right now she’s doing a real con job so she doesn’t outshine sleepy Joe.


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