Bombshell Betrayal Of Joe By 113 Dems! Will It Block Oil Exchange With China?!



It’s about time that the Democrats finally woke up

About time Dems do something for the good of The USA and The People. Thanks.


  1. It’s about time Democrats started to act like they represent the people. I Thank those Democrat Congressmen for rejoining AMERICA. Now it’s time to stop the rest of “Biden’s Hate America Campaign” and start introducing bills to reverse the rest of his idiotic policies.
    I don’t know why Democrats felt it was to our advantage to cripple the country they live in, but obviously some still do. I would like to know how Nancy Pelosi voted in that session. And Will it be confirmed by the Senate or are this another fool America stunt. Sorry if I seem skeptical
    but Dems have pulled some sneaky bait & switch moves in the past.

    • I don’t trust the dummycrats, either. I thinks it’s more like they’re afraid old poopypants has caused so much anger toward the party that their chances of holding any power is getting slimmer and slimmer by 2024. Just like what happens in any communist country, when the citizens have finally reached their breaking point there is the threat of all out violent civil war so the “committe” decides to oust the current dictator and replace him with another dictator.

  2. To be honest, I will never trust these dumbocrap commies, and repuke/spineless, rhinos, because they have worked together, with arrogant.senile,puppet,dementia,joe all along from the beginning, to destroy America. What the hell is wrong with americans today, to give up their country to invaders, that are ungrateful to even be here.This mentally unfit, incompetent,pretending president, needs go in front of the world,on the boob tube, and tell everyone this border just shut down for repair.and closure until further notice.The new congress needs to shut this down now,because of weapons of mass destruction,poison,fentinal, it kills/doesn’t get u hi,human trafficing,cartels working on our side of the border.Americans aren’t safe, and neither are the immigrants.If this administration can’t do their job, they all should be removed.If americans aren’t fed up, then enjoy your new hidenbiden banana republic, of destruction. we can’t have tyrants,dictators, this isn’t china yet, in our America,that don’t fly,The patriots are coming, to set things straight.


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