Biden Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars


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The thing that ticks me off is that I just bought a newer car and I’d still owe on that even if they did give me a credit. It’s going to kill the used car market

Scotty is an honest and badass mechanic wish all shops had folks like him!Its rare to find a good mechanic especially in California!


  1. Sometimes there are profit$ in chaos. Chaos creates huge opportunities for financial, social and political control. This advance toward “clean” energy is a good goal. The viable “clean, carbon neutral, sustainable power” that has any chance of immediate use are Hydrogen related or Nuclear power. The power that is from sunlight will only work during the passing sunlight hours. The windmills have issues other than wind that limit them. Water power from Dams are mostly consistent during warm weather but do vary due to weather and temperature. Everything has issues that make it suitable or unsuitable depending on more issues I will get into here and now.
    Hydrogen in any form is extremely dangerous. The compressed form increases the likely explosive force when released due to mechanical failure or accident. The hydrogen combustion engine has not been refined enough for consumer use. Porsche engineers made significant advances toward producing a consumer version. It’s not ready yet. The nickel-hydrogen battery is huge and is “rechargeable”. The H2 is pumped into the car, goes to the fuel cell and is immediately converted into electricity. The electricity is stored separately. The energy powers an electric motor. There are pros and cons for every kind of design. LP and methane have lower carbon emissions than other carbon based fuels. Chaos will intensify as artificial deadlines are passed and people are panicky based on the politics making attempts to achieve an impossible goal. How can electric cars be charged with such old and failing equipment, incompetent management of resources, Incompetent political leaders at every level, no ability to see or answer the obstacles, and they have made statements that “this transition from fossil fuels” will be difficult. Difficult? So people who are at risk will be having strokes and worse because the black out will not allow a/c or fans to run. Those needing a full charge to go anywhere are stuck. There are so many scenarios that interfere with life essentials, it will not be good.


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